Sealing Agents Waterproofing, Inc. Mission Statement

To build unique leaders in the construction industry who provide expert, turnkey solutions aimed at preventing the damaging effects of water... because a dry house is the beginning of a healthy home.



People at Sealing Agent

One of Sealing Agents' core values is excellence; to do excellent work you must pursue expertise. Our expertise has led us many places beyond the jobsite...places like the boardrooms in architect firms for consulting with architects and design professionals to design more watertight and feasible building envelopes, the classroom for holding educational meetings to update our customers and the community on the latest building trends, the laboratory to help our vendors develop products that work better and install easier, and the corporate offices of some of the nations largest builders to help them understand the complexities of building science to build better, healthier, more efficient homes. Our expertise has even been sought out to assist with numerous product reviews, case studies, and even aid in the development of air quality monitoring systems.

Our commitment to expertise can be seen within our company too. Our commitment to the safety of our employees, their ongoing training, R&D projects, and our ever-tightening QC standards all display expertise that you will not find in any other waterproofing contractor.

Meet our Technical Team. Sealing Agents's Technical Team is charged with the relentless pursuit of excellence in every area of work we are involved in. Our Technical Team, aka Tech Team, is what makes our R&D, QC, and training work as well as it does. This specially trained team is equipped to solve the most complex moisture intrusion problems anywhere in the house. This team has access to tools like non-destructive, radio frequency moisture meters, data loggers, psychrometric measurement devices, dehumidifiers, concrete saws, and whatever else it takes to solve your problem. Because this team is closely tied our to expert R&D and training departments we can do more than find a problem, we can find a solution if it means a new product for you or working with another sub to develop better work practices.

Sam Galphin

Meet Sam Galphin, Sam leads our Tech Team. Sam works with company executives to develop our training, quality, and R&D programs. Sam's formal education includes an engineering degree and math minor from UNC Charlotte and work as a professional educator. Sam has experience in everything from mold remediation to architectural design and is a member of the National Institute of Building Sciences.





Sealing Agents Training Something you will notice when you interact with our company is our knowledgeable people. We seek out the best people from ours and other industries and train them to be experts in the field of waterproofing. Training is also one of the main components of our quality program. Both our ongoing and new-hire training programs include textbook, field experience, Sealing Agents produced video, and other materials.





Whether you are a vendor or a customer we view our relationship as a partnership. We partner with our vendors to develop better products that benefit both of our companies and our customers. We partner with our customers to protect them from problems, many times in situations that are sensitive at best. We also partner with our customers to solve problems; it's not uncommon for us to meet with other subcontractors to develop special waterproofing methods for an abnormal situation. If you don't
already have a solution and we will work with
your company to develop one.

Processes & Products

Sealing Agents R&D
We are not content with processes and products that are used just because "that's how it's always been done". We relentlessly research and test everything that we do from a new shovel to changing a step in how we clean a foundation before waterproofing to partnering with vendors to develop new products. After something has been researched and tested we do it again and again until we have developed something we are willing to stand behind. After development we thoroughly train our people on how to do it, how to use it, how to sell it, or whatever they need to know to maximize the benefit of our R&D. So whether you call us to shoot stone to prep for a slab or waterproof a foundation wall you can be sure you are getting the best. Some companies would say that's a waste of time and money; to us that's what it means to be experts.

Processes and Products

Sealing Agents QC
RCA - that's something many of our competitors will never say unless they are shopping for a TV. To us it stands for Root Cause Analysis, but to our customers it stands for quality workmanship. RCA is a process we use to investigate every failure of ours from safety to waterproofing to ensure it does not happen again. Our QC department works closely with our Training and R&D departments to ensure best practices and best products are what make it to your job.


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Sealing Agents is also proud to feature DryDog Barriers' products in all of our systems.

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