They are the best at what they do

"After using Sealing Agents, I would never use anyone else. I had a massive problem caused by a landscaping guy who did a project for me that crushed all of the drains and flooded my crawl space. The landscaper would not return my phone calls, so I called Sealing Agents to help.

I probably got about 5 quotes from different companies and, while Sealing Agents' quote was the highest, I felt that they were knowledgeable and responsive. They knew what they were doing.

I could not have been happier with the way that everything turned out. Since they completed the work, I have had them come over to check everything out after it rained. They followed up with me and made sure that I was completely satisfied.

I would definitely recommend Sealing Agents. You definitely get what you pay for."

- Denise Gumlak

Did what they said for the price they quoted

I am satisfied with the work that Sealing Agents did for me. I actually did not get any other bids because a representative in our referral group recommended them to me. I believed in the integrity of the company.

They sealed up our crawlspace and installed a French drain. They did what they said they would, when they said they would do it, for price they told me. I have not seen any water under the house.

I would recommend Sealing Agents. They are good people.

- Buddy Woodall

Good experience with French drain installation

Sealing Agents was recommended to me by one of their employees, Blair Burke. My experience with them was very good. I had them install a French drain under my home and, so far, everything has turned out well. There was one thing that had to be re-done, and Blair came out and took care of it quickly, which I appreciated. I would recommend Sealing Agents.

- Paul K.

Overall pleasant experience

Sealing Agents was recommended to me and I decided to use them to seal the crawl space of my 200-year-old log cabin. They did a beautiful job on a very difficult space. The work was done in late July/early August, so the system has not really been put to the test yet but, so far, everything has been wonderful.

I was very comfortable with the workers, who were hardworking and pleasant. They took out the old insulation and sealed the space with foam insulation. They also installed a barrier on the bottom and a French drain, the whole nine yards.

I appreciated the fact that they made a few adjustments as they went and came up with a final plan for the system that I actually liked better. They really thought about what to do with this unique space and, ultimately, created something that was neater and cleaner than the original plan.

- Jill R.

Explained everything, was honest and timely

I have used Sealing Agents 3 times -- for jobs in two houses and my office. I continue to use them because I have so much faith and confidence in Blair Burke, who did the work for me.

Blair did a complete encapsulation of the crawl space in my house and stopped a water leak in my office building. He explained everything, and he was honest and timely.

He did exactly what he said he would and, in this day and age, that is priceless.

- John H.

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